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At the Owls School of Dreaming, we bring together trusted instructors with a community of learners wanting to utilize their dreams for personal growth, healing, creativity, and more.

Our podcast fans know our approach. It's right there in the name: Dreams That Shape Us. We know the power of dreams to shape our lives. We've lived it, and we teach it so that everyone can experience this gift.

We teach our students to think of dreams as experiences they give themselves. Dreams are experienced in the mind, and experiences are how the subconscious mind learns. The body and mind, too, experience dreams. When you understand why you dream, it helps you decode the meaning of what you dream.

We also teach our students the various traditions and schools of thought in dream interpretation and analysis and dream psychology. We pull together knowledge and information from many sources, including from the science of dreaming. Students learn how to decode the meaning of symbols, analyze dream narratives, and apply popular methods and techniques of dream work. We are big fans of Carl Jung, and we follow his axiom that dreams are windows into the deepest inner processes of the human being. It is our honor to teach that wisdom and knowledge to you.

As our school grows, so will our offerings. Currently we are preparing live classes to supplemental our various prerecorded courses. We hope to make school membership the main way our students interact with us. Dream interpretation is a tradition handed down throughout the Ages from teacher to student in ways that are personal and unique for each student. With our members we can offer the depth and personalization to really enhance their learning experience. Members of the Owls School get access to all learning materials.

Since 2017, more than 5,000 students across 200 countries have enrolled in our courses. Join us!

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