The Owls School of Dreaming

Be wise in the ways of dream interpretation!.

Online classes taught by J.M. DeBord and Steven Ernenwein, co-hosts of the Dreams That Shape Us podcast.


Dreams are experiences

This approach to understanding dreams focuses more on the embodied experience and less on traditional methods of interpretation. We look for the heart and soul of the dream and the answers to why you created the experience for yourself.

Dreams are stories

Traditional dream analysis approaches dreams as stories packed with symbols. We teach you how to decode the symbols and analyze the stories to find the meaning.

We are:

J.M. DeBord / Head Owl

Author of four books about dreams.

Senior moderator at the world's most popular dreaming sharing site, r/dreams.

Creator of the DREAMS 1-2-3 interpretation process.

Co-host of the best podcast about dreams.

Steven Ernenwein / Head Owl

Expertise with lucid dreaming and dream incubation.

Teaches how to use dreams for creativity and personal growth.

Acclaimed singer / songwriter.

Co-host of the Dreams That Shape Us podcast.


One heck of a dream interpreter! — George Noori, radio host

Dream School makes it easy to understand what dreams mean. — Lisa T., designer

These courses are one "ah ha!" moment after another. — Lisa Hagan, publisher

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